About Us...

About Us...
This is our travel blog... our electronic travel journal you could call it... documenting our journeys to new & different places. I called our blog, 'Tree Top Flyin'... a Jimmy Buffett reference that reminds me of traveling, & the adventures to be had with our newly acclaimed 'IFR' Pilot & his plane. We're a non-traditional family - living in non-traditional ways... and I love it that way. For the four of us life is quick & distinct... it's unique and adventuresome - but it's also very normal. We have angst, & we have laughter. We have pain and we have greatness. We're happy, and we're whole...this family, that is mine.

July 2012

Jim's latest project. Giant project. Tearing out our parking terrace, and rebuilding it the 'right' way. A track-ho, the bobcat, an ogger, and a welder. I married a real cowboy, and didn't even know it.

The boys started drooling over a certain pair of air-soft-guns at Cabella's a few days before we headed to the ranch for a week. They agreed to work all week to earn the $30 they needed to pick them up -and that they did. Garbage runs, spraying weeds, digging holes, hauling groceries, stacking wood. 

And on Independence Day we camped way up in the mountains behind the house. This was us loading up at the house - showing just half of what we took. Where is the kitchen sink?

I started this fire while the boys were off trying to call in coyotes. At one point, I thought things were out of control. I panicked at the height of the flames, put the fire out - and started all over. Ayayay. 

And the next day The Becks came to visit...

Ry shot a gun for the first time, and after every shot said, 'I wanna do it AGAIN!' classic.

And then we contradicted mother nature, and everything normal... a giant blow-up water-slide in the middle of Wyoming.

Adults Happy? Check. Kids Happy? Check.

The Becks first Rodeo... Star Valley Style.

Bo loves when there's anyone younger than him. When Eli was born his famous line goes something like this,
'Emmie, I was so happy when Eli was born - because finally, I'm not the youngest person in the family.' 
He chased Ryan around like crazy this weekend. Bossing mostly I'm sure, but Ry seemed to like it. 

I tried really hard to force Sandy to want to be a cowgirl. I think she got it.

My handsomes.

And then there were guns... Sandy did really good until it came time to pull the trigger. She looks good though, right?

Spencer was all about the poses. 'Look at me and my truck .. and my gun.' Haha. Love him.

Oh - not just a poser. Serious led flew this day.

A very fun week.

Signing out of this post with class.