About Us...

About Us...
This is our travel blog... our electronic travel journal you could call it... documenting our journeys to new & different places. I called our blog, 'Tree Top Flyin'... a Jimmy Buffett reference that reminds me of traveling, & the adventures to be had with our newly acclaimed 'IFR' Pilot & his plane. We're a non-traditional family - living in non-traditional ways... and I love it that way. For the four of us life is quick & distinct... it's unique and adventuresome - but it's also very normal. We have angst, & we have laughter. We have pain and we have greatness. We're happy, and we're whole...this family, that is mine.

November 17, 2011 (12pm)

Hiking Franz Josef Glacier. It took us half a day to hike the glacier behind us.

 Blue blue blue. You really can't see it in the photos, but where it was coldest the ice was bright blue and quite breathtaking.Cracks and caves that change with the rain and the shifts weekly.
We really weren't 'ice-climbing' but there were a few cheezy attempts.

 Jim is fighting like mad to protect the glacier from disappearing to the hole in the ozone layer, or something like that. There really is a hole above us right now in NZ, and the sun-screen crazy lady I always am is officially over the top. cant help it. 

November 11, 2011

Us being newlyweds - day after the wedding

Us and my awesome manicure. Who gets married like that?

TSS Earnshaw Steamboat - heading to a sheep farm.

Old Spice and his dog, showing us around the farm.
Aftershave anyone? 

November 13, 2011 (10:20am)

Be afraid... but do it anyway.

Karawau Bridge - Worlds First Bungy

November 10, 2011 (7pm)

some photos of just me... these were bridal shots taken in SLC.
Soon to come, some of J and I together, waiting on the photographer.


November 10, 20111 (8:00am)

Woke up on wedding day... to sunSHINE. hours more and I will be Cramer.

November 9, 2011 (2:30pm)

Marriage Certificate filed... Queenstown, NZ
The wedding venue... Stoneridge Estate

November 8, 2011 (4:12PM)

We have just landed in Sydney, and it's the first time either of us has literally skipped an entire day of life. I'm pretty sure I have slept through a day, wasted one away completely, and I'm most positive many of the bad ones I have skipped mentally. But we crossed the international date line last night, therefore officially skipping the existence of November 7th, 2011 all together.
We leave for Brisbane, au in moments and then to Christchurch, then to Queenstown. Our 15 hour flight was... wait for it - magical, as our chairs turned into beds and we got an entire nights sleep. take THAT jet lag!

Traveling VAustralia was like dreaming of The Jettson Era.
 Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

November, 6, 2011 (11:00PM)

Jim being Jim - Self Portrait... waiting for our flight to Sydney

Guns & Camo & Bears, Oh My.
September 2011

Anyone who's already heard my version of Jim's bear hunt, knows I always preface it with the following...
Grizzly Bears in Alaska are so prevalent right now that they're endangering the overall existence of caribou & moose. So much so, that several days before the hunt they were told they could buy a tag for a second bear for just pennies compared to what it usually costs.
So if you see these photos and think something like, 'that poor beautiful bear' try to think of the poor beautiful caribou. At least - that's what works for me :)

8 Feet Tall

Freezing cold, rain, wind, cots to sleep on, dehydrated army food, no toilets, no showers, miles of hiking... 8 full days of it.  I am not understanding how on earth this equals fun.
I do however, thinks it's very fun to have a man that enjoys it!

They flipped a coin and Mark got the first bear they saw... 8 1/2 Feet!  
Pretty Impressive!

I thought a nice hide rug in the corner of the loft would be nice, but Jim had other plans.
We will soon have a giant 8 foot, roaring bear standing over us. 
And Bo and I will both have nightmares.

Jul7 28-31, 2011 - McDonald Family Reunion

'This is The Place' Utah.
This really IS The Place when my family is here.
There isn't a better party out there!
McDonald Family Reunion.
We spent some time in Heber, but this day - we visited the historical site of 'This is The Place'
My family is the best thing on the planet.

Let the Circus begin...

Kate & Parker.

Mom & Dad. Celebrated 35 years this year!

Elijah has become The Center of The Universe in our family.
Only grand-kid, only nephew. He's THE most perfect baby boy. He looks just like Jon when Melissa & I used to tote him around, dress him up, feed him dirt.
He was the baby when we played house.
I only wish there was as little competition around as there was when Jon was 2.
We're all learning to share Eli.
Jon, getting a shave.
I think we were all excited he was gonna get a real shave - and then we found out it was a theatrical show with a butter knife.
And then Bo wanted a piece of the action.
Handsome Dad.
Bo, consistently thinks babies and little kids are 'annoying'. But Eli has been the exception, and I have a hunch....
He told me recently that he was SO happy when Eli was born because, finally he wasn't the youngest in the family.

This is just a random and terrible photo of me (and Elijah) after a workout.
I am not one of those girls that looks cute at the gym. ugh.
Ty & Parker playing Chess. Parker... always competitive.
I think Ty might actually have surprised Park... they both love a good run-for-their-money.

Who is winning in this moment??
Parker is about as cool as it gets, according to the boys.

Ahhhhh... Cake Pops.

Katie and i decided we needed to make Cake Pops. They sort of inadvertently became the eye of our hurricane weekend.
So typical of my sisters and I.

Emily: Katie, we left the cake pop stuff at the cabin! Should we turn around!?
Katie: Ahhhh... screw it.
(That's for you Kate)

They looked nothing like the ones we saw at Starbucks and Nordstrom... surprised?

And then I guess we all decided to try to force Eli to eat them.... I didn't realize until I looked at the photos. Ha!

These are the days.