About Us...

About Us...
This is our travel blog... our electronic travel journal you could call it... documenting our journeys to new & different places. I called our blog, 'Tree Top Flyin'... a Jimmy Buffett reference that reminds me of traveling, & the adventures to be had with our newly acclaimed 'IFR' Pilot & his plane. We're a non-traditional family - living in non-traditional ways... and I love it that way. For the four of us life is quick & distinct... it's unique and adventuresome - but it's also very normal. We have angst, & we have laughter. We have pain and we have greatness. We're happy, and we're whole...this family, that is mine.
Guns & Camo & Bears, Oh My.
September 2011

Anyone who's already heard my version of Jim's bear hunt, knows I always preface it with the following...
Grizzly Bears in Alaska are so prevalent right now that they're endangering the overall existence of caribou & moose. So much so, that several days before the hunt they were told they could buy a tag for a second bear for just pennies compared to what it usually costs.
So if you see these photos and think something like, 'that poor beautiful bear' try to think of the poor beautiful caribou. At least - that's what works for me :)

8 Feet Tall

Freezing cold, rain, wind, cots to sleep on, dehydrated army food, no toilets, no showers, miles of hiking... 8 full days of it.  I am not understanding how on earth this equals fun.
I do however, thinks it's very fun to have a man that enjoys it!

They flipped a coin and Mark got the first bear they saw... 8 1/2 Feet!  
Pretty Impressive!

I thought a nice hide rug in the corner of the loft would be nice, but Jim had other plans.
We will soon have a giant 8 foot, roaring bear standing over us. 
And Bo and I will both have nightmares.

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