About Us...

About Us...
This is our travel blog... our electronic travel journal you could call it... documenting our journeys to new & different places. I called our blog, 'Tree Top Flyin'... a Jimmy Buffett reference that reminds me of traveling, & the adventures to be had with our newly acclaimed 'IFR' Pilot & his plane. We're a non-traditional family - living in non-traditional ways... and I love it that way. For the four of us life is quick & distinct... it's unique and adventuresome - but it's also very normal. We have angst, & we have laughter. We have pain and we have greatness. We're happy, and we're whole...this family, that is mine.

Salmon River, Idaho - August 1-6, 2008

We weren't lying when we said there'd be a 2nd...

Hughes River Trip 2008

This was the crew... I think there were 30 of us, including the guides. Strangers in the beginning, friends in the end. A phenominal way to meet some phenominal people.

These are the rafts lined up for the evening. Float Boats (the lazy boats), Paddle Boat (you've actually got to work all day on this boat), The Swamp Boat (the one that hauls all our gear), and a couple kayaks.

It's official... Greg & Eileen are pregnant! Have we lost our travel-buddies for good? Only time will tell. What's so great about babies anyway!? Just kidding. We're very anxious to meet Baby Prugh!

I fished the entire trip. Something about fishing... it simulates gambling - and I admit it, I'm addicted.

Here, Greg is hiding a Bud-Light. This picture succeeded a picture of him WITH the beer, and me saying, 'Can we please have some pictures without Bud-Light!?' The truth is, I'm just as guilty as the rest of them - I'm just more of a nag. Here, Greg humors me.

This is 'Barker' and the boys. Barker was a guide, who spends his life guiding rafts through rivers from Idaho to Costa Rica. He wears river-logged Chuck Taylor High-Tops, and steers a mad raft. He's a GOOD guy.

This is 'California Bob'. Bob runs the river for Hughes in the Summer, and spends his Winters as an Island Boy - in the British Virgin Islands, 'Captain-ing' a yacht/sailboat. He's rugged and woodsy - but also genuine and soft. He's kind of like a real-live Indiana Jones. Dreamy.

Seriously, toGETHER - these two are a constant comedy show... my gut-laughs are ENDless. They easily become senseless & asinine, and I'll admit - from time-to-time Gregs' comedic insults will make me cry. But for the most part, I must say - Eileen & I are lucky broads!

This day, when the guides were one man short - Jim & I volunteered to float down on The Swamp Boat (the gear boat). We set up 9 tents in under an hour... when you're with Jim, beware - you're always up for hire!

The End

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Sandy said...

I am with you on the fishing!! It doesn't matter if I'm catching them or not... fishing is good!
What a fun trip!!