About Us...

About Us...
This is our travel blog... our electronic travel journal you could call it... documenting our journeys to new & different places. I called our blog, 'Tree Top Flyin'... a Jimmy Buffett reference that reminds me of traveling, & the adventures to be had with our newly acclaimed 'IFR' Pilot & his plane. We're a non-traditional family - living in non-traditional ways... and I love it that way. For the four of us life is quick & distinct... it's unique and adventuresome - but it's also very normal. We have angst, & we have laughter. We have pain and we have greatness. We're happy, and we're whole...this family, that is mine.

Greensborough, NC - Thanksgiving @ The Heaters - November 22nd – 25th, 2007

Thanksgiving in North Carolina.
Seriously... the best food (2nd to my Moms) I've ever had. Jim's sister is an amazing cook!

They have a beautiful home in Greensboro that sits on the end of acres of uncharted land. We spent a lot of time in the woods outside their house, discovering antique bridges, and home-made bicycle obstacle courses... you'll see from the pictures that it was fall at its' encore!

On this trip - Jim's mom & I had a bonding experience that I think only she & I will ever understand... it included religion, understanding, mis-understanding, connection, dis-connection, and love. She & I are similar in ways that continue to amaze me. Our number one commonality is the awe, and adoration we have for this one guy named, Jim :) The other - is the idea that love, real love for a man is what makes life, LIFE. If you knew her story, you'd cry... as she lost her true-love, when Jim lost his Dad - much too early. She is one of the bravest women I know... when I think of her I think, 'Brave'. She's awesome. I love her.

This roller-blading excursion was out of control. Jim's brother-in-law is a newly acclaimed speed-skater - so watch out, He's got some skills. It's awesome, he goes early in the morning (when most of us are snoozing) and takes killer roller-rides around suburbia.

It sounds cliche - but Bruce is one of the smartest, funniest, funnest guys I've ever known. He's talented & unique, and genuine, and he has an amazing family. Good peeps (as Stacey would say)!

I shoulda PAID for this lesson!

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Sandy said...

Em!!! How are you! I just saw your comment on Stacey's blog so I decided to do some stalking! Sorry! It is so good to see you (even if it is only pictures!) What a fun life you have! I can't believe how much traveling you do! We will have to keep in touch! Love ya, Sandy
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